Frequently asked questions

How can I pay?

1. Wire transfer

2. By caredit card.

3. Cash

Will I be able to charge my electrical equipment while I remain on this property?

If you plan to charge your electronic equipment at all times while you remain in possession, please take care of a separate permit and note that this service may also be subject to a charge - usually € 20-30 per week while you use it.

Who do I contact before I arrive?

After paying for the reservation in full, you will receive a final confirmation, which includes directions to your chosen property and personal details you will need to contact before arrival. Also, please call this person a few days before arrival to discuss your estimated time of arrival. Your contact will tell you where to look for the keys or come to an appointment to return them to you.

How to make reservation?

You can make it via our home page or via partners 

Can I leave feedback on my accommodation?

Yes, if you leave your e-mail address, you will automatically be sent a letter with a questionnaire in which you can express your opinion about how you spent our time. We especially appreciate your opinion, because we believe that each customer provides us with valuable information about the quality of our service. We use the feedback we receive to self-monitor and ensure that all of our customers' wishes are taken into account and responded to, and to continually improve and refine as service providers. We reflect feedback from previous guests on our online resources. We ask that the feedback you submit is fair, relevant, legally acceptable and current so that it can be used further. reserves the right to decide which of them will be published.

Can we smoke on the property?

All of our accommodations are non-smoking, unless otherwise noted. If this is an important option for your stay, please contact us before booking.

Is it possible to use the accommodation for parties?

The general policy of our company is that we are reluctant to approve requests for parties, however, group events may take place in some cases. Please explain your wishes and we will be happy to discuss them with you. Young people's parties are also subject to a landlord check before accepting any booking. If agreed, the owner will ask for a security deposit to secure the reservation. It is usually accepted in cash at the time of accommodation and is returned in full before leaving the property if no damage is found.

What happens if I cancel?

If you need to cancel your intended stay, we ask that your senior team member send us a written confirmation via email. In case of cancellation, you can claim a partial refund of the stay fee, but the booking fee and other agent expenses are non-refundable. Please refer to the booking policy for refunds.

What time is check in and check out?

In order to properly prepare the accommodation for your arrival, it is important that you arrive on time and not sooner. This is usually after 17:00, but in some cases it may change and the specific time will be reflected in your final booking confirmation. Check-out time is before noon.

Is parking available on site?

Depending on the type of property, we have different options for parking. Please contact us if you have any questions on this topic.

What happens if something is damaged while you remain in property?

Owners keep in mind how the amount of wear could be, and this is usually the case for dishes and glass. In the event that something is damaged, please notify the owner as soon as possible so that he can repair or replace it in time for other customers. You will be required to pay cash for the most serious incidents involving carpets, broken windows and more.

Should we clean the property before check out?

Please leave the property in the same condition and cleanliness as it was at the time of your stay.

Can I also accommodate pets?

Unfortunately, no. Pets are not allowed on the property.

Internet access

Different properties offer different internet options - among them there is also a cable connection and wifi, which in each case have their own restrictions and usage rights depend on a particular property.

Can we invite friends to stay with us?

Yes, it is possible to simply notify us in advance and we will include additional people in your booking, provided that the total number of guests does not exceed the maximum. If the total number of guests exceeds the maximum, please discuss this with the owner before booking and note that this may incur additional charges.