Updated 2019-02-10

StayLiepaja is based on the following rules for ordering, reserving and canceling accommodation, programs and catering services. These terms and conditions are binding on both parties from the moment the customer makes the reservation.


When you submit your booking through our online booking system, you will receive an automatically generated booking statement and payment invoice via the email you provided on the booking form. This is not a contract between us or you and the owner. The contract with the owner is drawn up only after your reservation has been confirmed in a written letter sent to you by e-mail. By clicking the "confirm" button, you agree to all the booking conditions described here without exception. By filling in and sending the electronic booking form, you make a booking request for the rental of the offered property, which, in case of our approval, becomes a contractual relationship between you and the property owner.


Reservations can be made directly through our website or through our partners, and The reservation is binding from the moment it is made in writing. After confirming the reservation, the customer will receive a written confirmation of the reservation and a payment invoice. The payment invoice will be created electronically and will be valid without a signature. The advance payment is 100% of the total amount and must be paid immediately. Upon receipt of payment, the customer will receive a final invoice and booking confirmation.

Cancellations must always be made in writing and sent to StayLiepaja's sales department at The cancellation application is considered received from the moment the cancellation information reaches the sales department.

In case of cancellation by the customer:

Number of days until the day of arrival when StayLiepaja can cancel the reservation Part of the total booking amount that is refunded
Not less than 42 days 65%
Between 15 days and 41 days 25%
14 days or less 0%

If the cancellation is made due to an unexpected illness, accident or death of the customer or a close relative, the customer is entitled to a refund of the payment made, except for a contractual penalty of 50 EUR. The reason for the cancellation must be notified to the sales department immediately. A medical certificate or other document confirming the reason for the revocation must be provided within a reasonable time upon request.

In case of force majeure, which is beyond StayLiepaja's control, StayLiepaja may cancel the reservation and the customer is entitled to a full refund.


We recommend and hope that guests will have or have a travel insurance policy (which includes cancellation insurance covering illness and unavoidable cancellation) until arrival.


После подтверждения бронирования клиент получит инструкцию, как добраться до гостевого дома, письмо о том, как провести отпуск и информацию о том, как получить ключи.

The apartments are available from 17:00 on the day of arrival. Check-out is until 12:00 on the day of departure, unless otherwise stated. The apartments offer basic cutlery, water and electricity, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products and utensils, final cleaning.

Upon arrival, you must complete the Guest Form and sign these Terms and Conditions with your signature.

Although final cleaning is included in the price, the accommodation must be in order at the time of departure. Furniture and other accessories must be in place, dirty dishes must be in the dishwasher and debris must be removed. Smoking is not allowed in all living quarters. We are not responsible for any belongings left in the cottage. The client will be charged a return fee.

The customer must follow all instructions and fire safety regulations, especially when using the open fire grill, heating the water barrel and sauna. The use of sauna brooms in the sauna is prohibited.

Please do not visit the sauna and the hot water barrel if it has been banned by your doctor or if you have problems with your heart, blood pressure, etc. Parents have to look after their children and it is their responsibility, please do not let them near the fire.

The care of children, babies and any adult in need of care is the responsibility of the guests at all times.

A representative of StayLiepaja is entitled to visit the territory to clean it and perform equipment maintenance.


There is a non-smoking policy in the apartments. In case of violation of the rules, a fine of 100 euros was charged. Smoking is only possible outside the apartments.


Maximum occupancy is based on the number of beds available. Camping, caravans and mobile homes are not allowed on the property. The use of sleeping bags is prohibited. Guests are kindly requested to complete the customer card prior to entering the guest house or during their stay.


Pets are not allowed. In case of violation, a fine of 200 EUR will be charged. Any damage caused by the animal to the area or furniture must be reported immediately to the sales department. The customer is responsible for compensating the owner for any damage caused.


All notes and complaints related to the accommodation equipment and condition must be reported immediately to the sales office. If the customer has not been in contact regarding the complaints, he loses the right to any compensations. If the customer and StayLiepaja cannot reach agreement, the customer can bring the matter to the consumer complaint board.

StayLiepaja is not liable to compensate for damages or expenses caused by natural circumstances, insects, ants, sudden weather changes, construction work on neighbouring plots or third-party problems (e.g. interruptions in water supply, electricity or TV network). All cottages are equipped with wireless internet connection. StayLiepaja is not liable to compensate for interruptions on the basis failures of any internet connection.


The customer is responsible for damages that he himself and his guests cause to the cottage, furniture, equipment and other guests or their property. The customer is obliged to compensate for intentionally or unintentionally caused damages directly to the owner or to StayLiepaja.

A cleaning fee of 150 EUR + the value of destroyed textiles and furniture will be charged for removal of vomit, excrement or other secretion. A cleaning fee of 500 EUR + the value of damaged equipment will be charged for removal of vomit, excrement or cleaning of other abnormal littering in or around the hot tubs and at the sauna.

StayLiepaja is entitled to charge the costs of loss of the key, fee of 20 EUR is applicable. If the customer does not return the key or has lost the key, the actual costs of replacing the lock and the key shall be charged to the customer. StayLiepaja is also entitled to charge a compensation if the staff needs to open the front door in case the key has been left inside the cottage.


If the customer, despite notice, fails to stop causing disturbance or danger to others in the same property or in the neighbouring property, StayLiepaja has the right to terminate the rental contract immediately. All costs due to the above measures will be charged from the customer.

After 11 p.m. is not allowed to have noise and loud music disturbing neighbours. Please respect neighbourhood.

We reserve the rights to make changes in booking terms and prices. VAT shall be charged in accordance with current taxation regulations. Additional services are provided according to current price lists. Terms and conditions for business customers are agreed upon separately.


All information handled over to StayLiepaja will remain confidential and not be disclosed to third party. StayLiepaja stores contact information (name, phone, e-mail) of the client, number of guests (including children) and arrival/departure dates to ensure quality of the service. Personal data is anonymized after 2 years from the moment of client’s departure and is used exclusively for statistical purposes. Upon request, the client can view/change, as well as request to delete his personal data by contacting


All disputes has to be done in civil manner, in case of any disagreements, not solved questions are subject of Latvia Civil Law and Latvia court.

With best regards, administration.